musky fishing illinois with muskie fix guide service
Muskie fishing Illinois with Musky Fix Illinois Fishing Guide Service - Muskie fishing the Fox Chain of Lakes in Illinois
Muskie fishing Illinois with Musky Fix Illinois Fishing Guide Service - Muskie fishing the Fox Chain of Lakes in Illinois
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musky fishing illinois with muskie fix guide service

Muskie fishing Illinois with Musky Fix Illinois Fishing Guide Service. Muskie fishing the Fox Chain of Lakes in Illinois.



Nolan: With a 45" casting


Sean Wrote:

Thank you for a great experience. I have been on a charter before and not caught anything. Your expertise and patience enabled me to catch a 45 inch Muskie. I am looking forward to booking another trip with you.


Sean Richards


Anthony Wrote:




I wanted to take a moment and let you know how wonderful and special our recent guided fishing trip was on the Chain of Lakes in Lake County, Illinois.  First, let me say that my 16 year old son and I had a great experience during our time together on the water and as a result of your excellent knowledge and experience the muskie fishing turned out to be great.  Muskie fishing in July can be tough and difficult however as a result of your actions and plan we landed two fish, one 38" and the other a personal best 45".  Further we nearly hooked another 40" plus fish on a figure 8 near the boat.  My son missed a muskie early in the day on a top water bait as well.  


Simply a great day of muskie fishing and action in July conditions. In addition to catching fish both my son and I learned new techniques and gained a valuable amount of fishing knowledge from you. You presented this information and knowledge in a friendly and cordial manner.  I will definitely be calling you again and I would surely recommend you to both the avid and occasional muskie fisherman. We had a great time and thanks again.


Sincerely, Anthony Penna



Dieter Wrote

Ben ,
Thank you for the great day on the water.  We really enjoyed the trip, especially my son, capping off his first time musky fishing with a really nice 43" fish!  He's still grinning from ear to ear.  I think he's caught the bug now.  Thank you for your patience and professionalism, you have a wealth of knowledge and tips.  I learned alot.  Looking forward to another trip, I need to beat that 43 incher now!!
Dieter Lorentz

Jesse Wrote:
Thank you again for a great trip yesterday.  Chris and I had a blast going out for musky the very first time.  You are a wealth of knowledge and thanks for the tips and lessons.  We will definitely schedule another trip with you.
It was a beautiful day and your "hot spots" were truly right on.  Chris sends his "thank you" as he landed 3 big ones.  We had alot of "follows" but most of all your guidance and expertise were certainly valuable.
We look forward to our next adventure with you.
Thank you so very much,
Jesse Cabuyadao and Chris Ebert

Mike Wrote:
Hey Ben,
I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time during our trip to provide me with some insight on how, where and when to fish the fox chain for Musky. You definitely know your stuff and if I hadn't gotten out on the chain with you I would probably still be looking for my first chain Musky opposed to now having 4.
We had a 3 fish day and boated 2 with a successful (healthy) release. I spoke to a few other people out fishing for Muskies and they had no luck what so ever. I was out for around 4.5 hours and lost one and boated 2 so not a bad day at all. 
I look forward to getting back out on the water with you to now accomplish my goal of boating a 40+".
Thanks again,
Mike Catena

Michael wrote:

I expected nothing based on my past trips to the Fox Chain, and was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Ben knew exactly how we were going to catch fish, and had a plan in place. Within 5 minutes of the baits hitting the water, we scored big! A 42 inch fatty. 2 more were to get boated over the next few hours, including a 36 incher at moonrise.

I think Ben has that musky mojo that so few guide possess. Ive been fishing muskies for over 30 years and he ranks up in the top 5 for guides, and Ive fished with some of the best out there. Hes a lot of fun, and takes musky fishing very seriously, as I do. I will definitely go out with him again, and hopefully plan a bigger trip up north.


Bob Theisen wrote:

" I recently spent a weekend fishing with Ben on Green Bay. I was really looking forward to it because I had seen plenty of pictures of the giant Musky this body of water produces. Nobody else we talked to had reported any success whatsoever. However, we managed to get nine rips in three days, three of which we boated. Both my fish, a 43" and a 49.5" were my personal best, #1 and #2.Ben kept experimenting with different baits, colors, and depths until he found a combination that produced! { Ben said "If you keep on doing what your doing you will get the same results". } He may be able to do the same for you."
Bob Theisen
Twin Lakes, Wisconsin 


Bob Theisen 9-12-2010 (49.5") Green Bay

James Wrote:

Hi Ben
I wish we could have had a few more in the boat but I learned a lot and thats why I booked the trip with you. There are a lot of guys who call themselves musky guys, but they don't give it justice like you do. You really are a true professional and a great teacher. That was a great time seeing all of those fish and next time I know we'll really nail them. I can't thank you enough for the help you have given me all last year and now for a great trip. I can't wait to get another trip in with you. I'll have had even more time on the water and a few more in the net. You're a great fisherman and a really good guy. Thank you nery much for all the help and the trip. Good luck and I'll see you out there. I'll keep in touch.


Jim Wrote:

Joe and I had a great time on your boat yesterday.  The weather being as bad as it was, cold and rainy, we were not expecting a whole lot of action.  Being first time muskie hunters, we have heard horror stories on how perfect the conditions had to be or the muskie would not be interested and it's a fish of 10,000 casts.  Well, you proved that wrong.  You put Joe and I on fish and we both caught our first muskie's ever.  A 42 inch to start and a 45 inch an hour later.  We will DEFINITELY be using you again.  Thank you for your time and hard work.  See you next May!
Jim Tsagalis


Frank Wrote:

Hello Ben,
I had a good time on Friday at the Chain.
Some comments on my fishing experience under your guidance:
You are a very good teacher.  I have learned a great deal and am becoming a better fisherman.
You have great fishing gear and are very flexible and experimental  in selecting lures for catching fish.
Your boat is very large and comfortable and performs very nicely.


Dan Wrote:
I had a great time catching my first muskie this morning with you. I'll certainly recommend you to anyone I talk to who would be interested.

John and Joe Wrote:
Thanks for the great trip on Father's Day. My brother and I had a great time. This was also the first musky we ever caught. Thanks for making that possible. We would of been lost without you.
Hope we could do this again sometime.
Joe and John


Bob Wrote:
Had a great day of fishing with you last weekend. At one time I didn't believe you could catch Muskys in Illinois. Now I know a little bit about how to catch fish not only right here in the Chicago area, not a long five hour drive, but on a weekend on The Chain with all that boat traffic. Great job!

Giuseppe wrote:
I did really enjoy myself though and would like to go out again in the fall perhaps.

John Wrote:
Thanks for taking me out. Even though we couldn't get a hook-up, I still learned alot and had fun. For my first-ever musky hunt, I am satisfied. Next time I'm boating a fish!!! See you in the spring.
Thanks again.

Greg Wrote:
Thanks Ben for a great experience , Rain Cold my son and I still had a blast just learning this stuff from you, my son can't wait for another muskie guide experience with you.

Thank you again

Ryan Wrote:
Once again the conditions were against us, but by sticking to it we managed to get one in the boat along with some other action. The sun was high and the wind was blowing. I missed a strike early and let another get off right next to the boat. I guess you could say that at least I saw it, but I almost wished I did'nt because I saw how close I was to landing a real nice 40+ fish. Well Ben and I continued to work hard and it ended up paying off.
Thanks for working hard Ben. I had a good time learned alot and had a bunch of laughs. Looking forward to making it out again.

Thanks alot! Ryan

Kurt wrote:
Paul and I had a great time.
I will be recommending you to friends that are interested. Thanks again for a great guide.


Larry wrote:
Ben, just wanted to write and thank you for a great day musky fishing today. Both of us were first-time "musky hunters." Five muskies in one day...running from 30" to 41". Everyone we had talked to said we would be lucky to even see one musky. Somehow you made it look easy. You know how to catch fish. You know where & when to catch fish. You were a great host...very patient and you taught us a lot about the sport. I recommend that anyone looking for a great time musky fishing look you up. You don't have to travel hundreds of miles and spend a lot of money to experience great fishing...we have some right in our backyard.
Take care and count on hearing from us again.
Larry Schmidt

Steve wrote:

Thanks for a great day musky fishing. Dan and I have now taken close to 20 long trips up North musky fishing Canada, WI, MN) and with you yesterday we caught more fish over 36 than we have in any day up North. Going out on the Fox Lake Chain with you is a great value for any new or experienced musky fisherman.

This was our second trip with you and we learned more about musky fishing techniques on each of these. Having multiple approaches and tackle will help us whenever we are on the water. Thanks for a great day but I think my 40 fish was slightly bigger than Dans 40 fish..

Steve M


Cormelius wrote:

What a day!

First we caught a 24 inch, then a 30, then 34 and then a 36 - and believe it or not a 43 inch! We ended the day with another 38 incher. It was truly a day to remember.


Tom Lembeck Wrote:

I have been out with Ben twice now in June. We have put a total of nine fish in the boat in two trips. Two of those fish were over forty inches. Another fish over 40 inches was lost behind the boat when my son all of seven years old had trouble keeping the hook set. One afternnoon the fish even turned off. Imagine that . The nerve of those fish. Hey thats muskie fishing the kind I have experienced all too often over the years from Wisconsin to Minnesota and even Canada.If you are gong to have a tough day why not closer to home. The drive home is easier. Ben works his tail off all day has great rods and reels comfortable boat and he knows what he is doing. Unbelievably Antioch is just over an hour from my house in Chicago. Try getting up to Wisconsin or Minnesota that quick and start fishing. Now I am under no delusion that I will always catch multiple fish or even one good fish every time but I know there is a much bigger fish with my name on it up in the chain and I am betting on Ben Modica putting me on it an hour from my house.. Tom Lembeck

Dan Larsen Wrote:
Thanks for the good time on the chain, Adam and I had a blast. Even though the conditions were not that great you pulled out all the tricks to make sure we got a fish in the boat! I dont know how many guides that would have put 9 lines out and cover as much water as we did. I mean we saw other boats out there but I dont think anybody else caught a fish that day. You can tell just by your boat and electronics and all your gear that you have all topnotch stuff to make sure your clients have the best chances of landing a musky. Thanks for answering all my questions too. Have a good holiday season, later Dan Larsen

Thanks Guys I had a Great time as well.

musky fishing illinois fishing guide service muskie fishing illinois fishing guide service

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muskie fishing illinois with muskie fix guide service